How to take a great selfie with your pet

Capturing magic moments with a precious pet is a cherished pastime for so many Australians. Whether you want to share some adorable pictures on social media or create lasting memories with family photos, learning how to take a great pet selfie is a skill worth mastering.

Ready to capture some happy snaps with your furry, scaly or feathered friend? Here are 6 tips and tricks to take the best possible photos.

1. Natural lighting 

Ask any professional photographer what can make or break a good picture and they’ll probably tell you it’s the lighting – the same goes for pet selfies.

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to pet pictures, so avoid using flash – not only can it create harsh shadows, but it can also startle your pet. Instead, scout some well-lit areas such as bedrooms with big windows or head outside during golden hour.

Soft, natural light can make your pet’s unique features really shine and create eye-catching imagery.

2. Treats and toys 

Holding your pet’s attention for that perfect picture takes some serious incentives. Treats and toys are the secret here. Hold a treat near your phone or camera to capture their focused, wide-eyed look. If your pet has a favourite toy, squeak it or play with it off-camera to grab their attention. Just be sure to keep them within your pet’s line of sight for a natural gaze in the photos.

3. Patience and timing 

You’ll need patience when taking pet selfies. Since pets can be so unpredictable, it’s important to stay composed throughout the process. Give your furry friend time to get used to the camera’s presence and take breaks if needed. Timing is also crucial – take advantage of those moments when your pet is relaxed and in a good mood. Avoid interrupting their naps or when they’re focused on a specific activity. A calm and happy pet is more likely to cooperate and provide you with that perfect shot.

4. Focus on the angles 

The right angle can make a world of difference. Experiment with different angles to find the one that best showcases your pet’s personality. Try shooting from their eye level to create an intimate connection in the photo. Close-up shots of your pet’s face can also capture their silly expressions, especially when they are in the middle of making those unique animal sounds. Don’t be afraid to get down on the floor to find the perfect angle!

5. Use a selfie stick or tripod 

Steady hands are hard to come by when trying to snap a pet selfie, especially if your companion is overly playful. To avoid shaky shots and improve your framing, try using a selfie stick or set up your camera on a tripod. With a bit of stability, you’ll be able to focus on your pet without worrying about the camera shaking.

6. Try burst mode 

If there’s one thing pets love doing, it’s moving out of shot or changing their expression when you least expect it. So to boost your chances of capturing that perfect moment, try using your smartphone’s burst-mode feature. Burst mode takes a series of rapid photos in quick succession, meaning you won’t miss any adorable or amusing expressions. After the shoot, you’ll have dozens of photos to review so you can choose the one that best captures your pet’s personality.

Picture pawfect 

Taking a great selfie with your pet is a balance of art and science. In other words, it requires patience, creativity and the right tools and techniques at hand. With a bit of practice and plenty of treats on standby, you’ll have a portfolio of amazing pet selfies in no time at all.

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