Need to make a claim?

We’re here to help. Simply follow the steps below to submit your claim, and if you have any questions you can call us on 1300 308 578.

Important information

When can I make a claim?

You can claim from the date of incident.

What documents do I need to provide?

  • A fully completed claim form.
  • Completed Medicare and PBS form (supplied by us).
  • A certified copy of evidence of age – for example a Birth Certificate, valid Passport, valid Driver’s Licence.
  • Proof of Income – copies of your individual income tax returns and notice of assessments for the previous 2 financial years.

Other important information

  • Make sure you read the claim form carefully and complete in full. If you don’t, we will need to send the form back to you to complete.
  • When supplying proof of identification, please make sure they are valid and haven’t expired.
  • Identification supplied needs to match the name on the claim form (e.g. if the claim form is in the person’s married name then the identification needs to be in the married name).
  • All documents provided other than the claim form need to be certified.
  • We may need further information to assess the claim and if so, we will be in contact with you.
  • If we are unable to pay your claim, we will provide you with an explanation, however you always have the option to have the claim reassessed by providing additional information to what has already been submitted.