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Life Insurance

Many people think that arranging life insurance is a complicated and expensive business. That's probably one reason why recent research1 suggests that nearly 6 in 10 parents with children aged 17 and under may have insufficient life insurance cover, leaving their families potentially exposed in the event of their death. It's a disturbing statistic when you consider the impact on your family if they are left without financial support.

Guardian Life Insurance is easy to get life insurance that offers financial protection for your loved ones and peace of mind for you. Should you die or become terminally ill, your chosen benefit amount will be paid to your family. They can use the cash to help manage debts and obligations such as the mortgage, car loans, education costs or even help with general living expenses.

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1. Source - Newspoll Life Insurance Study - December 2009.

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Guardian Insurance offers from $100,000 up to $1.5 million in life insurance benefit. The benefit amount you can choose is the amount that would be paid to your family if you were to pass away, or be diagnosed as terminally ill. Cover starts from as little as $1.552 a week. In addition to your life insurance benefit, you can include a range of “living benefits”, such as Serious Illness insurance which pays a benefit if you are struck by one of the more common serious illnesses (such as malignant cancer, stroke and heart attack) and up to $1 million Total and Permanent Disability Insurance is also available. Add Children’s Cover from just an additional 903 cents per week.

2. For a $100,000 benefit for a 30 year old female non-smoker, assuming standard rates.
3. Based on a $20,000 benefit for a child aged 2 to 17.


  • Australian residents aged 18 to 64 can apply
  • Up to $1.5 million cover, depending on your age
  • No medical or blood test
  • Apply over the phone - no forms to fill out
  • Single or joint cover options
  • Guaranteed renewable for life
  • Benefit paid for death by any cause – except suicide in the first 13 months (industry standard)
  • 100% benefit paid if you are diagnosed as terminally ill
  • $15,000 Advance Funeral Benefit while your claim is being assessed
  • Free interim accidental death cover – for up to 30 days if your application needs to be assessed
  • Monthly or fortnightly payment options
  • 30 day money back guarantee


Insurance Option

From $20,000 up to $50,000 benefit paid if your child was unfortunate enough to suffer a wide range of serious injuries or illnesses – meningitis, paralysis, and encephalitis, for example. The benefit is also paid in the event of accidental death.

Children’s Insurance can help with extra costs that may be incurred for things like medical expenses and school tuition.

More information about Children’s Insurance Option

Serious Illness Insurance Option

From $50,000 up to $500,000 benefit paid to you if you suffer a defined serious illness, such as malignant cancer, stroke, heart attack or have coronary artery bypass surgery.

Serious Illness Insurance can help minimise the financial disruption that serious illness can cause.

More information about Serious Illness Insurance Option

Total & Permanent Disability Insurance Option

From $50,000 up to $1 million benefit paid to you if, as a result of illness or injury you are unable to work, or you suffer the loss of limbs or sight, or if you become dependent on others for your care (loss of independent existence).

Total & Permanent Disability insurance can provide a financial buffer if you find you are unable to ever work as a result of a disability.

More information about Total & Permanent Disability Insurance Option


What makes Guardian Life Insurance so important?

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How much cover can I get?

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Are there any optional benefits I can add to my Guardian Life Insurance?

Am I eligible to apply for Guardian Life Insurance?

Are there any exclusions?

Does cover extend to other countries around the world?

Will my premium increase?

Are there any tax benefits?

How long can I keep my cover?

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  • 30 day money
    back guarantee
  • No medical exam
    No blood test to apply
  • Worldwide cover 24/7

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