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Funeral Insurance Cover for Australians

Leave your family with happy memories, instead of unexpected expenses.

Guardian Final Expenses Insurance is a good way to help your family manage the immediate expenses of your death. It covers things like funeral costs, bills, and other outstanding expenses. Loved ones receive the payment as a lump sum, generally tax free, and without unnecessary delay. It’s a last act of kindness that gives financial support at a tough time.

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The cost of funerals in Australia can be anywhere between $4,000 and $14,0001 depending on the type of funeral you want. No one would want to leave their family struggling to find that sort of money, let alone having them worry about any other immediate financial expenses. That’s where Guardian Final Expenses Insurance can help out. It’s the easy way to help your family settle the bills you leave behind.

You can choose a benefit from $3,000 to $15,000, and you will also be provided with triple your Final Expenses Insurance benefit in the event of Accidental Death – taking the possible payout up to $45,000. Plus there’s the option to add on Accidental Serious Injury Insurance.

Cover starts from as little as $6.392 a fortnight. That’s based on $5,000 of cover for a person aged 50 under a Single Plan. Acceptance is also guaranteed as long as you’re an Australian Resident aged 18 to 79.

Take out Guardian Final Expenses Insurance today, and know that your family won’t be weighed down with the bill for your funeral and other outstanding expenses.

1. Moneysmart - April 2013.
2. Premium based on $5,000 cover for a 50 year old under a Single Plan.
Policy Terms & Conditions apply.


  • Guaranteed acceptance for all Australian Residents aged 18 to 79
  • No medical or health questions to answer
  • Apply over the phone – no forms to fill out
  • You can select a Benefit Amount that suits your needs from $3,000 to $15,000 – cover is for Accidental Death only in the first 12 months, then death by any cause thereafter
  • Receive triple the benefit from day 1 in the event of Accidental Death – up to $45,000
  • Single or family cover options
  • Cover all your dependent children until they reach age 21
  • Monthly or fortnightly payment options
  • Premiums stop at age 90 and cover will continue for life – at no cost to you
  • Choose from age-based or fixed rate premium options
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Things you should know:

  • The Benefit Amount automatically increases by 5% annually up to age 80, with premiums rising at the same rate, but you can choose to decline this increase.
  • If you’ve chosen the age-based premium option, your premium rate will increase on each Policy Anniversary if the oldest Life Insured on the Policy is aged between 44 and 80. While the oldest Life Insured on the Policy is younger than 44, or older than 79, your premium rate won’t increase due to age.
  • If you hold your Policy for an extended period of time you may pay more in premiums than the Benefit Amount, depending on the circumstances.
  • Naturally, if your Policy is cancelled and cover ends, no Benefit Amount is payable and there are no premium refunds after the cooling off period.
  • After the Commencement Date on the fixed premium rate option, you can’t change the premium option you have selected without cancelling and restarting your cover.


Accidental Serious Injury Insurance Option

Accidents happen to people just like you all the time, and often the injuries are serious. That’s why with Final Expenses Insurance, you have the option to add Accidental Serious Injury to your Policy.

Accidental Serious Injury Insurance will pay a lump sum benefit if you’re seriously injured in an Accident (within 12 months of the Accident taking place). For the sake of clarity, we define an Accidental Serious Injury as one of the following injuries:

  • Quadriplegia;
  • Paraplegia;
  • Hemiplegia;
  • Blindness;
  • Deafness; or
  • Total and permanent loss of use of two limbs.

Accidental Serious Injury comes with a further advantage – your payout will be equal to three times the insured amount on your Final Expenses Insurance Policy.

You can apply for Accidental Serious Injury Insurance if you (or your partner) are aged between 18 and 69 and are Australian Residents.

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  • As seen on TV
  • 30 day money
    back guarantee
  • No medical exam
    No blood test to apply
  • Worldwide cover 24/7

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