Resources To Protect Your Home From Flooding

Floods are a devastating phenomenon caused by excessive rain and poor drainage conditions. They can also be caused by land that is too dry, such as after a drought, or very broad flat land that is next to a river or other body of water. When a lot of rain pours into these bodies of water, they can no longer carry all the water and the banks overflow with the excess water.

As a home or property owner, it is very important to know what the risk for flooding is in the area, as well as steps to take to prevent damage from flooding. It is also important to for individuals and families to learn how to keep themselves safe in the event of a flood. Having access to the right resources can be very beneficial to those whose properties are damaged by flood waters and can even prevent damages from occurring.

 Find Your Flood Risk

National Weather Service-A colorful map to help determine the flood risk in all areas of the US

Inland Flooding-Information about being prepared for floods and hurricanes

Emergency Preparedness and Response-Information about flood readiness

Flood Terms (Flood Watch, Flash Flood Watch, Warning)

Know Your Terms-Information from FEMA about the different flood terms

Floods and Flash Floods-Information about types of floods and much more

Storm Water Curriculum-A site for kids to learn more about floods and storms

What To Do Before A Flood

Ready America-Tips and guidelines to prepare before a flood strikes

Resources For Keeping Food Safe-Links to government websites about keeping food safe in flood conditions

Emergency Supply Kit-Items that should go in an emergency supply kit

Preparing For Flash Flood-Information about how to prepare for a flash flood


What To Do During A Flood

What To Do –One county’s website describing what to do during a flood

During The Storm-A complete guide to actions to take during a storm or flood

Flash Flood-Information about what to do during a flash flood

FEMA Tips During Flood-Important information to stay safe in a flood


What To Do After A Flood

Natural Disasters and Weather Emergencies-Information from the Environmental Protection Agency

The First Steps-Guide to recovery after a flood

After The Flood-Complete information for actions to take after a flood occurs

Cleaning The Basement-Tips on how to clean the basement after a flood



Red Cross Organization-Disaster relief resources

Federal Emergency Management Agency-FEMA, disaster recovery center

Extension Disaster Education Network-EDEN, an educational website devoted to reducing disaster impact

United States Freedom Corps-a corporation to help with national and community service


Weather Watch

AccuWeather –a website to track weather related to flooding

National Weather Service-A website for the weather of the US from the United States federal government

USGS Waterwatch-The current water conditions around the nation 


100 Year Flood Plain Information

The “100 Year Flood”-an article about the 100 Year Flood Plain Rule

Updating Flood Maps Efficiently-Guide to the flood maps by USGS including pictures

FEMA Flood Zones-Guide to understanding flood insurance rate maps

Floodplain Terminology-Different terms used when talking about floodplains

The 100 Year Flood Myth-Complete guide to information about the 100 year flood

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