100 of the Best Aging Resources.

Seniors and baby boomers living on their own, as well as those that have caregivers, have special needs when it comes to resources for information about the most important areas of their lives. Whether it is senior news, statistics about aging, caregiver resources, ideas for healthy aging, tips for successful aging, advice for coping with Alzheimer’s or help making those end of life decisions, these highly specific resources are all available online. There is no reason for a senior or their caregiver to ever feel alone or wondering where to get help again. The Internet brings the information you're looking for right to you.

Top 10 Aging News Resources

1. AARP - Magazine for Older Adults – The world’s largest circulation magazine offers news and articles on all things for the older person such as: the latest news on money, health, travel, family, people and entertainment.
2. Go 60 - Late Breaking News – This online news source offers the latest news affecting seniors to help them improve with age.
3. Senior Citizens Magazine - This Month in SCM – This magazine offers news on business, health and fitness, lifestyle, world, travel and sports all for older person.
4. Buck Institute for Age Research -Journal -This website posts the latest news in aging research along with other news older adults can use.
5. Generations - Read it online! – A great news source for the aging community. If you don’t have a subscription you can read it online.
6. CNN - Boomer’s Health -This famous news source offers a section dedicated to health news for aging adults.
7. MSNBC -Health/Aging Section – This top news source gives up-to-date news for the senior adult and their caretakers.
8. U.S. News & World Report - Family Health - Offers news for older people on health issues that affect them.
9. The New York Times - Elderly section –This top newspaper offers online news and articles about the elderly-- in their own section.
10. Senior Journal - Front Page –This online news source offers today’s news and information that affects senior citizens and baby boomers. The news information overshadows the ads.

Top 10 Statistics about Aging

1. Federal Interagency Forum - Aging-Related Statistics – Download stats on the key indicators of well-being for older Americans.
2. Bureau of Labor Statistics - Older Workers - Answers the question “Are there more older people in the workplace?” Also gives stats on the workforce over 65, between 1977 and 2007.
3. U.S. Census Bureau - Age Data of the United States – Gives population stats for baby boomers and the older population.
4. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs - Population Division – Download the wall chart or Excel file which contains detailed statistical information on population aging around the world.
5. National Academy on an Aging Society - Demography Is Not Destiny – This statistical report uses data from a variety of sources to examine past and possible future trends about the aging population on the U.S.
6. Midlife in the United States - A National Study of Health & Well-Being – This informative site offers statistical research on topics for older Americans such as: Marital status, medications, body mass index and subjective aging. Midus is sponsored by the National Institute on Aging.
7. The American Geriatrics Society - Geriatric Healthcare Statistics – This group offers numerous links to charts, tables and fact sheets that focus on stats about geriatric health care.
8. The John A Hartford Foundation - Statistics and Facts on Aging and Health Care – A PDF fact sheet covers U.S. demographics, challenges for the future, opportunities and work force needs on aging and health care.
9. Net Wellness - Falls and the Elderly - Provides statistics on falling and the elderly and the injuries and complications that result from those falls.
10. Friends Hospital - Facts on Mental Health of the Elderly – Gives a statistical overview of mental illness in the elderly and further breaks down those numbers into categories of mental illness.

Top 10 Caregiving Resources

1. Medline Plus - Caregivers – This resource is loaded with information to help a caregiver with coping, specific conditions, aging-related issues and financial issues. It also offers a section on aging research, dictionaries and glossaries related to aging.
2. Department of Health & Human Services - Eldercare Locator – Offers information on adult day care to assist seniors who need assistance or supervision during the day.
3. Family Caregiver Alliance – Caregiving and Depression – It is common for caregivers to suffer from symptoms of depression. This site offers information and resources for those caregivers who think they may be depressed or who are suffering from depression.
4. Government Made Easy - Caregiver’s Resource – An official government site offers caregiver’s resources such as: finding help providing care, government benefits, legal matters, and support for caregivers.
5. National Family Caregivers Association - Caregiving Resources –This site gives a lot of good information to help caregivers help themselves and the loved one they are taking care of.
6. Women’s Health - Caregiver Stress - This government site is supported by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It gives answers to some frequently asked questions about stress and caregiving and gives advice and tips on how to handle some difficult situations.
7. American Medical Association -Aging and Community Health – Addresses caregiver health issues, and family caregiving issues. Also gives caregivers an assessment tool to identify if they are in need of medical services.
8. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research - Dental Care Everyday – A caregiver’s guide to taking care of the oral health of the loved one they are providing care for.
9. Caring Connections - Caring for Someone - This organization provides support online for caregivers with tools such as: a planning ahead checklist, preparing for giving care and providing care.
10. National Caregivers Library - Caregivers Resources – Provides a great deal of information for the caregiver and how to help their one in their care. Addresses emotional issues, money matters, and medical care and provides checklists and forms as well as a section to find local resources.

Top 10 Links for Elderly to Prepare for an Emergency

1. Administration on Aging – Emergency Preparedness and Response – This website provides seniors with planning and response information, strategies, and resources that can assist them in better preparing for and responding to all types of emergencies and disasters.
2. Elder Affairs -Disaster Preparedness - Offers a downloadable PDF of the 2009 Disaster Preparedness Guide for Elders and information on evacuating, be prepared by planning ahead and useful links.
3. The AGS Foundation for Health in Aging - Latest Tip Sheets – Gives steps for emergency preparedness for older adults and a great deal of additional information on the subject.
4. Ready America -Older Americans – This site gives a good deal of information on elder’s emergency preparedness and ideas on how to create an emergency kit.
5. County of Santa Clara - People with Special Needs – Gives a page for the senior population full of tips and information for emergency preparation. Includes a disaster checklist, medical emergency supplies, in case of evacuation, extreme heat and in case of fire.
6. Disability Preparedness - Disability Preparedness Resource Center –This government site offers information on personal preparedness planning, what to do in pandemic, how to access emergency personnel and making a plan of action.
7. CDIHP - Evacuation Preparedness Guide – Provides tips and advice on how to be prepared in an evacuation process, how to tell those who are assisting you what your needs are quickly. The site also offers an ability self-assessment so you will know where you stand if a disaster does strike.
8. Rockland Country, New York - Emergency Preparedness Checklist –This PDF checklist is a great tool for seniors to makes sure they are ready in case of emergency.
9. Colorado Department of Health - Emergency Preparedness Kit – This site offers very thorough materials, checklists and calculators to get anyone ready for an emergency. 
10. Homeland Security and American Red Cross - Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors – This PDF guide gives a four step process for emergency preparedness in all types of situations and disasters.

Top 10 Places to Find Local Information for the Aging

1. National Associations of Area Agencies on Aging - Local Agencies - n4a and their network of local AAA programs can answer your questions about home and community-based services for older adults and their caregivers.
2. American Bar Association - Commission on Law and Aging – This site gives access to local information about law-related issues for seniors. Click on the state you need information for and it will give you a list of detailed contacts.
3. Assisted Senior Living - Resource section – A comprehensive database of over 80,000 senior living options. Find local assisted living facilities, Alzheimer’s and Dementia care centers, adult day cares, in-home care providers and continuing care retirement communities.
4. State and Local Government on the Net - State Aging Offices – Gives contact information listed by state for each department that assists seniors.
5. DisabilityGov - Community Life-Directs visitors to resources that promote choice and self determination, including information on independent living for those with disabilities. There is information by state, click on the button in the lower left corner of the site.
6. Rural Assistance Center - Funding by State - Provides information on government funded programs by state for those who live in rural areas including the elderly.
7. National Association of State Units on Aging -Website links – This site provides contact information to local agencies and centers that serve the senior community.
8. Alternatives for Seniors -Find Senior Housing & Care – Find local information on senior housing and senior service resources as well articles to help with financial concerns, legal issues, and making the move.
9. Meals on Wheels -Find a Meal – This organization supplies food to seniors that need a little assistance. Search by state and city to find the closest Meals on Wheels.
10. National Center for Elder Abuse - Elder Abuse Helplines and Hotlines – State by state contact information for organizations that can help victims of elder abuse.

Top 10 Links about Alzheimer's Disease

1.National Institutes of Health - Senior Health - This association provides information on Alzheimer’s disease, causes and risk factors, symptoms and diagnosis, treatments and research, frequently asked questions and videos.
2. Alzheimer’s Association - Alzheimer’s Disease – An association dedicated to Alzeimer’s Disease for the afflicted and their caregivers. Has a great amount of information for dealing with the disease, diagnosis, treatments, stages and more.
3. Alzheimer’s Disease Research - About Alzheimer’s Disease - Learn about the disease, advances in treatment and research being conducted. There are also numerous articles about Alzheimer’s.
4. Help Guide - Alzheimer’s Disease – This organization’s website provides information on the signs, symptoms and stages of the disease. In addition, they have many resources for the caregivers.
5. Alzheimer’s Foundation of America - Education and Care – This site has a section for caregivers of Alzheimer’s disease patients on tips and strategies for success.
6. University of Maryland - Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis – Provides an in-depth report on the diagnosis, causes, and treatment of the disease.
7. National Institute of Neurological Disorders - Alzheimer’s Disease Information Page –Answers the questions—What is Alzheimer’s disease? Is there any treatment? What is the prognosis? What research is being done?
8. NOAH - Alzheimer’s Disease section - Gives thorough information and resources for understanding the disease, managing the disease, and caregiver issues.
9. Boston University - Alzheimer’s Disease Center – This site provides information on Alzheimer’s research and news in the world of combating the disease.
10. UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center - Home - Offers information on research and caregiving for those dealing with the disease. Also has an archive of news articles that have to do with Alzheimer’s.

Top 10 Links about Health for the Aging

1.  National Institute on Aging - Health - The Institute has many publications that you can read online about health, conditions and diseases. There are also separate sections for women’s and men’s health concerns. It also has a section on Healthy aging.
2. Alliance for Aging Research - Tools for Healthy Aging – Has lots of great articles for healthy aging, surveys and quizzes to test your health knowledge and a section on health education.
3. National Policy & Resource Center on Nutrition & Aging - Eating Better & Moving More – Offers seniors a two-step program created to improve physical activity and nutrition. Also provides information on the President’s HealthierUS Initiative.
4. First Step to Active Health – Your First Step – The website offers adults 50+ a step-by-step program for increasing physical activity including cardio, flexibility, strength and balance. It also includes a downloadable health assessment form, an activity log and an easy tool to help you identify ways you can be active safely.
5. United States Environmental Protection Agency - Aging Initiative - This website provides a great deal of information about the protection of the environmental health of older persons. 
6. Medicare - Beneficiary Ombudsman – Among various information on Medicare and prescription management, they have a section for general inquiries and complaints. So if you have a question or issues with your health coverage get it answered here.
7. Tufts University - Modified MyPyramid for Older Adults – Offers all the information seniors need about the food pyramid just for them. Read the article then download the MyPyramid PDF for future reference.
8. National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity & Aging - Physical Activity – The Center developed a set of guidelines for adults age 65 and older for recommended exercise. They also offer a woman’s fitness planner and the Fitness Management magazine.
9. Lifelong Fitness Alliance - Stepping Strong – The Lifelong Fitness Alliance in collaboration with AARP has developed a 10-week walking and wellness program. Inquire about if there is a program in your area or apply to start a program.
10. Healthy Aging - Social Wellness – Tips on keeping a strong sense of self through social wellness. They also offer a section on social wellness news.

Top 10 Links for Successful Aging

1. International Council on Active Aging - Wellness Dimensions – The ICAA is a professional agency, but offers good information on incorporating the wellness dimensions into your life for a whole health approach to successful aging.
2. The Center for Social Gerontology -Toward Senior Well-Being – Center dedicated to advancing the cause of seniors in society and to assure that they have the opportunity to have their needs met and contribute to their communities.
3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Aging Section - Great site that has lots of articles about healthy aging topics including articles, statistics, and emergency preparedness.
4. Aging Well - Health and Wellness - This site provides tons of great articles about successful aging of the brain and the body.
5. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - Physical Activity and Older Americans – Stresses the importance of starting physical activity no matter the stage in life you are in. Addresses the health benefits of regular exercise, about body mass index, and gives strategies to start moving.
6. The AGS Foundation for Health and Aging - Prevention – Preventative services recommended for people 65 and older. Stresses that disease prevention is important in older people and there are measures you can take to stay healthy.
7. Mayo Clinic - Calorie Restriction Diet for Anti-Aging –This site gives information about living on a calorie-restricted diet, how to do it, diet details and research information on the benefits of it.
8. ACOG -Women’s Section - Offers a guide for women 65 and older to show them how to lead a healthy lifestyle for an enjoyable and longer life.
9. American Psychological Association - Aging – This great website gives older adults the tools to protect their brains, deal with depression, find a psychologist, and addresses mental health needs of older adults.
10. Living Well - Current Issue –This online magazine provides articles on health issues and helps keep the mind healthy through learning about different topics addressed to seniors.

Top 10 Links about Life Expectancy

1.  World Life Expectancy - USA Life Expectancy – This site provides detailed information about life expectancy divided into male and female categories, death rate by race, top 15 causes of death, and additional information on the topic.
2. United States Senate - Life Expectancy in the United States -A full report for Congress covers all life expectancy issues Americans face.
3. CIA - Life Expectancy at Birth – Gives life expectancy stats by country. Contains the average number of years to be lived by a group of people born in the same year.
4. Living to 100 - Life Expectancy Calculator –This calculator uses the most current scientific and medical data in order to predict how old you will live to be.
5. Population Reference Bureau - Average Life Expectancy at Birth – You can sort the view on this site’s data to find information on 65 and older population stats and life expectancy by race and date of birth.
6. Congressional Budget Office - Growing Disparities in Life Expectancy – This PDF report covers the long-term trends in life expectancy, which has been steadily increasing the last few decades.
7. United Nations - Social Indicators -This site provides data by country on life expectancy at birth as well as statistical databases to research more information about the subject.
8. Social Security - Period Life Table - The information on this site reflects the life expectancy and death probability by age and sex.
9. World Bank - Life Expectancy - Provides information on life expectancy, answers frequently asked questions and has exercises to complete to reveal information about quality of life and life expectancy.
10. Healthy People 2010 - Life Expectancy Charts – This site gives information on life expectancy and how to increase your longevity and health.

Top 10 Links to Help Prepare for the End-of-life

1. U.S. Living Will Registry -Advance Directives – Learn how to make and register a living will and create a health care proxy.
2. NAELA - What is Elder Law? - Provides information about legal issues affecting seniors and offers an area to locate an elder law attorney.
3. Americans for Better Care of the Dying - Online Reading – Provides online books and resources to help people facing the end of life.
4. American Hospice Foundation - Medical Issues in Advance Care Planning – Detailed information about the medical issues that should be addressed when making end of life decisions.
5. Growth House - Resources for End of Life Care – Access over 4,000 pages of educational materials about hospice care, palliative medicine and other end of life concerns.
6. Dying Well - Defining Wellness through the End of Life – Resources for people facing life-limiting illnesses and their caregivers.
7. Palliative Care Policy Center - File Downloads – Offers in-depth information and support for those nearing the end of life.
8. Center for Practical Bioethics - Aging and End of Life – Focus for seniors is on advance care planning and pain management policies.
9. Institute for Healthcare Improvement - Last Phase of Life – Resources for those in their last phase of life, their families and caregivers.
10. Family Doctor - Advance Directives and DNR – The basics of advance directives and do not resuscitate orders for those nearing the end of life and their caregivers.

In this day and age, there is more information about aging available to all who need it than ever before. Staying informed means you can be in control and on top of the latest trends that affect your health, the aging process and age-related issues. Just look to the Internet for the latest on all subjects about aging.

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