The Ultimate Safety Site List

General Safety Related Links

Safety Specialties

Risk Communication

Aviation Safety

Hydraulic Safety

Construction Safety

  • Construction Safety Council: Focusing on loss reduction tools, safety equipment, and causes behind injuries in the construction industry to reduce accidents. 
  • Construction Safety Investigations: From the National Institute of Standards and Technology investigation into major building failures are made to establish the causes and recommend safety protocols for the future.


Combustion Safety

  • CEC Combustion Services Group: Experts providing online and in person training and equipment inspections for any businesses requiring the burning of fuel.
  •  U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: Information for buying combustibles appliances and product safety recalls. Also provides knowledge on products that pose fire, mechanical, or other hazards.

Biological Safety

Electrical Safety

Fall Protection

  • Fall Protection: Every year hundreds of workers die from fatal falls. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration examines safety standards and gives solutions for fatality prevention.
  • International Society for Fall Protection: Non-profit organization offering fall protection information to engineers, at-height workers, and other safety professionals all around the world.


  • Backsafe: Customized ergonomics training programs can help companies teach workers to use proper body mechanics and reduce workers compensation claims. 
  • The Ergonomics Society: International based organization, looking at how ergonomics can help improve human safety and productivity.   

Industrial Hygiene

Occupational Medicine and Public Health Safety

Product Safety Information

  • A warehouse of government information on consumer product recalls including: food, motor vehicles, appliances, medicine, and cosmetics.
  • Safe Kids: Product recalls specific to toys, clothing, child safety seats and other products for kids. 


Radiation and Laser Safety


Safety in Other Industries and Occupations

  • Everyone Goes Home: Preventing fire fighting deaths in the line of duty through safety events and initiatives.
  • FireWise Campus: Knowledge of the causes of fires on college campuses and prevention information can help campus fire safety educators protect students and the local community.
  • The American Society of Safety Engineers: Information, publications, standards information, and safety information by practice specialty including: construction, fire protection, healthcare, ergonomics, risk management, and engineering.  
  • Fire prevention related information for children, the general public, and career or volunteer fire service. 
  • National Fire Protection Association: Covering fire, electrical, and building safety with the latest in training, fire codes, and guidance on reducing lives lost. 
  • U.S. Fire Administration Learn more about fire and prevent fire fighter deaths with safety information, publications, and statistics.

Emergency Response Information

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